Domination Studio means taking your sound to the limit.

Based in one of the most breathtaking surroundings on the Italian ground, the medieval-fashioned Republic of San Marino, here you’ll find an advanced and low-cost studio in the most quiet and relaxed environment ever.

The studio has been set up by Simone Mularoni, also seen as mastermind of Italian prog masters DGM. His 15 years experience in music production made him known for energetic sounds and versatility, from blasting heavy metal to big rock, from epic orchestrations to pouding electronica. Nothing will be impossibile or questionable at Domination Studio.

This rule applies also to every project you could have in mind, from full album productions to mix and master, reamping, mastering or all of the above.

Surrounded by San Marino’s castles and woods, still you’ll find the biggest cities at hand. The studio is located at 20 minutes from Rimini’s Airport and A14 highway, 1 hour from Bologna, hundreds of restaurants and pubs within 5 minutes reach and private accommodation at affordable rates.

Domination Studio features a mix of the most high-end and vintage equipment, but nothing too fancy and exotic, just what it takes to make you sound awesome.

Dominate your sound, take it to the limit.