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As usual too many things goin’ on in the studio and also many great bands/album!!! Started this year producing 2 killer extreme bands, Despite Exile & Burn After me. Be sure to go to facebook.com/dominationstudio , “Works” page and the Player here in the website to check all the updates/videos/songs!

Can’t wait for you to listen to all the new stuff!!


Sep 29, 2014   |   by dominator   |   Blog

hey folks! Lazyness is taking complete control…. almost one year since last post!

BTW, things are so busy as always that is almost impossible to write down every album that’s been done… new gear added (mics&pres&amps), lots of interesting/killer albums done and in the making…. check the “WORKS” section for constant updates! MP3′s will be added to the player soon too….

stay metal!!!


winter 2012/2013

Mar 20, 2013   |   by dominator   |   Blog

Hey there rockers!!! happy new year!

as always pretty busy in the studio and with the release of my 2 bands’ new albums: DGM’s “momentum” and empYrios’ “ZION”!!!

Lot of good records mixed/recorded during last months… great Thrash album fully produced from young metallers ULTRA-VIOLENCE, wonderful complex record from my homeboyz CRAWLING CHAOS, full of great technical Death Metal!

New record for Prog-Power guys in SOUL OF STEEL mixed/mastered, DESOURCE’s new album mixed/mastered, MAX PIE’s brand new album from my friend Tony mixed/mastered, wonderful progressive masterpiece from ECHOTIME mixed/mastered! Boring newz but trust me, great music!

Also mixed/mastered a killer album from DESPITE EXILE, I discovered amazing musicians indeed!

Right now finished the brand new masterpiece from my brothers ASGARD, goin’ into the mix stage in a few days… I promise you a classic evergreen!!!

See you in the spring!!!!!!!

autumn 2012

Nov 29, 2012   |   by dominator   |   Blog

Guess what? BUSY!!!!

lot of projects and bands along the way…. let’s go:

on the “melodic” side, almost finished the brand new DGM’s album, still untitled… coming out in 2013 i guess! then a great new album in the vein of Fates Warning by SILVER LAKE produced, mixed and mastered! Also coming to the end CHRONOS ZERO’s debut album, ASHES OF CHAOS’ first full length and HELL CIRCLES’ cd! lot of melodic-prog-speed stuff! Last but not least, recorded drums & guitars for the progsters ODD DIMENSION.

goin’ to the “heavy/extreme” side just finished the brand nu 2 singles from ARMS LIKE ANCHOR, first album from MORGANHA, KARNAK nu album is on the way, DAMNED SPRING FRAGRANTIA’s new masterpiece finished, BURN AFTER ME’s nu single recorded/mixed/mastered and (as always!) last but not least, mixed a wonderful album in the vein of Opeth & Cynic from IL GRANDE SCISMA D’ORIENTE.

Finally a great experience in the POP-ROCK world with the band DIREZIONE SOUND, wonderful music with wonderful people & musicians!

I know I’m always boring writing these posts, but I prefer let the music speaks rather than chat! eheheh


’till next timeeeee

summer 2012

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Yo folks!

here we are with some updates! months are passing by so fast, and some really beautiful albums were produced so far! first of all I mixed/mastered the brand new VISION DIVINE album, out soon on earMusic/edel! Really excited about that, and just right now, I’m also mixing their “Greatest Hits”, completely re-recorded by the new lineup! Be sure to check it out… both SECRET SPHERE and TRICK OR TREAT albums are really close to be finished, expect some fireworks :)

It also was really a funny thing to re-mix/re-master the first TRICK OR TREAT album “Evil Needs Candy Too” almost ten years from my first collaboration with the guys!

on the “heaviest” side expect 2 more masterpiece by the black-italian-masters MALNATT and by the fabulous DUMPER, really 2 killer records… out really soon before the end of the year I guess…

recorded/mixed a few more new songs from ANCIENT BARDS, HELIA, DRAKKAR from Belgium too!

and finally THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY guys ended vocal recording session so the album is coming to an end!

and last but not least the new SOLISIA album is almost finished: gothic/symphonic metal at its best….

so, no time to rest for the metalheads! next time…..



Mar 29, 2012   |   by dominator   |   Blog

hey folks!

long time since the previous update… but you know, when there’s no time to write stuff, it means that there’s a lot of stuff to do!

lot of stuff done and being done during last 3 months…. just to mention some: fabulous punk-rock/ep by the great EGGS 4 BREAKFAST recorded/mixed/mastered, some drums for HIEROPHANT, wonderful ep by the post-rock masters ELARA, new brutal-masterpiece by the masters MODERN AGE SLAVERY is going to be completed in april, bass tracks for the brand new album of MNEMIC (check out the album Mnemesis out on Nuclear Blast in some months!), almost finished TRICK OR TREAT and SECRET SPHERE albums. So as u can read, less words & more words!!!!!


check out some random pictures btw, and see u in the next update!

and now… the end is here!

Dec 28, 2011   |   by dominator   |   Blog

….actually only the end of this busy busy and busy year…. eheheh. I’m putting the final touch to the Blue Cantina’s new album, a wonderful masterpiece that mixes the old vintage Zeppelin/sabbath sound plus the modern Foo Fighters/Raconteurs ideas…. very proud of it! also finished a lot of other works, GreyHound’s EP, Joyless Jokers’ brand new full length and new Secret Sphere and Arms Like Anchor works are on their way….. i’ll add more mp3s and photos soon, always to lazy to update the stuff!

in the meanwhile just check some new photos of the studio in action…..

have a nice end-of-the-year and party hard!


busy Summer!

Sep 15, 2011   |   by dominator   |   Blog

little news but lot of work goin’ on…. Summer was really busy recording/mixing! we’ll update the discography section as soon as the bands’ albums will be out! Just to mention some great records and bands mixed/recorded/mastered in the past few months: Ancient Bards, Hideweaver, empYrios, Nashville, Canada, Ancient Dome, BioSystem55, Damned Spring Fragrantia, I.T.Q., Neurasthenia, G.O.D, EarthCry, The Blue Cantina and Mad Maze! Then it’s time for DGM’s tour supporting Symphony X and Pagan’s Mind all across europe so see you on the road! Coming next…. Secret Sphere’s new masterpiece, Greyhound, Joyless Joker, the Blue Cantina and empYrios!

lot of new hardware/outboard/amps and lot of new photos coming soon too….

take care!

Game Over

Jul 30, 2011   |   by dominator   |   Blog

Just finished tracking the mighty thrashers Game Over! An amazing eighties-in-your-face album…..

Finally online!

Jul 11, 2011   |   by dominator   |   Blog

Finally we’re done with the website! Really an hot summer at Domination…. just finishing mixing the great Melodic Heavy album from Hideweaver, you can check some photos while working at the album…. A lot of stuff went on since september 2010, you can check the works section to see all the albums done in the past few months…. really great music!