autumn 2012

Nov 29, 2012   |   by dominator   |   Blog

Guess what? BUSY!!!!

lot of projects and bands along the way…. let’s go:

on the “melodic” side, almost finished the brand new DGM’s album, still untitled… coming out in 2013 i guess! then a great new album in the vein of Fates Warning by SILVER LAKE produced, mixed and mastered! Also coming to the end CHRONOS ZERO’s debut album, ASHES OF CHAOS’ first full length and HELL CIRCLES’ cd! lot of melodic-prog-speed stuff! Last but not least, recorded drums & guitars for the progsters ODD DIMENSION.

goin’ to the “heavy/extreme” side just finished the brand nu 2 singles from ARMS LIKE ANCHOR, first album from MORGANHA, KARNAK nu album is on the way, DAMNED SPRING FRAGRANTIA’s new masterpiece finished, BURN AFTER ME’s nu single recorded/mixed/mastered and (as always!) last but not least, mixed a wonderful album in the vein of Opeth & Cynic from IL GRANDE SCISMA D’ORIENTE.

Finally a great experience in the POP-ROCK world with the band DIREZIONE SOUND, wonderful music with wonderful people & musicians!

I know I’m always boring writing these posts, but I prefer let the music speaks rather than chat! eheheh


’till next timeeeee

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