summer 2012

Jul 22, 2012   |   by dominator   |   Blog

Yo folks!

here we are with some updates! months are passing by so fast, and some really beautiful albums were produced so far! first of all I mixed/mastered the brand new VISION DIVINE album, out soon on earMusic/edel! Really excited about that, and just right now, I’m also mixing their “Greatest Hits”, completely re-recorded by the new lineup! Be sure to check it out… both SECRET SPHERE and TRICK OR TREAT albums are really close to be finished, expect some fireworks :)

It also was really a funny thing to re-mix/re-master the first TRICK OR TREAT album “Evil Needs Candy Too” almost ten years from my first collaboration with the guys!

on the “heaviest” side expect 2 more masterpiece by the black-italian-masters MALNATT and by the fabulous DUMPER, really 2 killer records… out really soon before the end of the year I guess…

recorded/mixed a few more new songs from ANCIENT BARDS, HELIA, DRAKKAR from Belgium too!

and finally THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY guys ended vocal recording session so the album is coming to an end!

and last but not least the new SOLISIA album is almost finished: gothic/symphonic metal at its best….

so, no time to rest for the metalheads! next time…..


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