Mar 29, 2012   |   by dominator   |   Blog

hey folks!

long time since the previous update… but you know, when there’s no time to write stuff, it means that there’s a lot of stuff to do!

lot of stuff done and being done during last 3 months…. just to mention some: fabulous punk-rock/ep by the great EGGS 4 BREAKFAST recorded/mixed/mastered, some drums for HIEROPHANT, wonderful ep by the post-rock masters ELARA, new brutal-masterpiece by the masters MODERN AGE SLAVERY is going to be completed in april, bass tracks for the brand new album of MNEMIC (check out the album Mnemesis out on Nuclear Blast in some months!), almost finished TRICK OR TREAT and SECRET SPHERE albums. So as u can read, less words & more words!!!!!


check out some random pictures btw, and see u in the next update!

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